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OVERVIEW SEO Services Today was founded by Gajendra Shekhawat after quitting their Digital Marketing jobs around 3 years ago to follow a dream of setting up their own business. He thought getting a website up and running would be the easy part – turns out it wasn’t at the time!

Their mission was to find one company that could create a custom website, (no templates here) understand their business, build in good, honest SEO (search engine optimization) arrange web hosting, get quick updates & offer some friendly one-to-one advice along the way. This wasn’t just expensive but impossible to find. In fact, most local web designers didn’t even bother to return their call. Sound familiar?

So he had no choice but to create everything from scratch. Turning their love of research and all things “techie” he built their own website and within just a few months he were making a profit and climbing Google fast.

Why SEO Services Today?

Having learnt everything from the ground up and realising He not only loved web design and SEO but also had a real passion for helping others to grow their business, he set out to create an all-in-one solution that offered everything he had looked for themselves – SEO Services Today was born.

Since then, Gajendra Shekhawat helped everyone from established businesses to new start-ups get on Page 1 of Google and stay there.

Customers not only love their amazing results and fast updates, but also benefit from their honest & expert advice.

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Our philosophy here at SEO Services Today is to keep things simple yet effective, not just for our clients but the customers they’re trying to attract. We design and produce websites that are beautiful to look at and amazingly easy to use.

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